Workplace Pre-Entry Screening Services

As businesses begin to open up across the country, assuring employee safety and maintaining workplace compliance is imperative if workers are to feel safe as they return to the workplace.  Many more businesses are allowed to open and operate, but must do so in a way that prevents the spread of COVID-19, and ensures the safety of employers, employees and the public.  

Current industry guidelines are requiring employers adhere to local health department, as well as the existing CDC guidelines.  Potentially, one of the most important aspects of being able to assure workplace safety is to have a pre-entry screening capability and protocol in place, and on site where industry best practices, like temperature screening and contact reporting are conducted in order to monitor and contain the virus.  

While establishing these screening protocols is vital to reopening your business, it’s not your core focus, and you may not have the resources to set up or staff your own program.  Compliance Consultants, Inc. (CCI) has developed a comprehensive pre-entry screening program that can provide the level of safety and compliance which will allow you to be flexible with a specific location or office building, as well as ensure that your employees have a level of reassurance as they re-enter the workplace.   

From providing an on-site screening station, to staffing a full-time daily monitor, CCI can equip your business with the proper level of pre-entry screening and ongoing monitoring to be able to open with recommended protocols in place. Our trained medical professionals can assure that your workplace or office is compliant, and that staff and employees are receiving an appropriate level of monitoring and safety information.  

For more information on our comprehensive pre-entry screening program and how Compliance Consultants, Inc. can help you safely reopen your workplace please contact:  

CCI at or (610) 237 – 7100