Getting ready to open your business? Institute a COVID-19 Preparedness and Prevention Plan

As businesses across the country begin to open, one of the biggest challenges they face is how best to be prepared for the return of their workforce. Returning workers are looking to employers to provide reassurances that all necessary COVID-19 safety measures are in place, and all federal and state guidelines are being followed.   

Now more than ever, being prepared and communicating these preparations to employees is fundamental to controlling the spread of coronavirus, and maintaining a safe work environment.   Planning for this heightened level of safety is crucial, and the adoption of a preparedness and prevention plan is a framework many businesses are choosing to adopt.  

The goal of a COVID-19 Preparedness and Prevention Plan is to prepare and educate your employees and subcontractors in order to reduce the chances of contracting or spreading coronavirus through the workforce, or throughout workplaces. With a formalized plan in place, all of your employees will know the protocol, understand their role, and have clear safety expectations in their individual work environment.  

A comprehensive preparedness plan will also outline important ongoing measures such as employee training, procurement and maintenance of necessary screening or PPE equipment, and assignment of safety and communication responsibilities. Additionally, by having a preparedness plan in place that follows CDC, OSHA, state-issued orders and guidelines you can be assured that your workplace(s) are in compliance with all necessary guidelines.  

Compliance Consultants, Inc. has been helping companies across the region set up and deliver on these guidelines and continues to offer company-specific preparedness and prevention planning to various industries, including construction, office work spaces, manufacturing, and many others.  Our Preparedness and Prevention Plans outline specifically the measures and protocols you must take to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, maintain a safe working environment, and manage the health and safety of your workforce.   

While you are focused on getting back to work, let Compliance Consultants, Inc. help you formulate and deliver all the necessary guidelines, tracking materials and employee communications for your workplace.   

We’re here to help you move toward opening your business with the health and safety of your workforce in mind.

CCI can help you develop a plan for your business. Reach out to us at or call 610-237-7100 (due to COVID-19 our offices are currently closed and our staff is working from home, but we are checking voicemails every day and will return your call as soon as possible).

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