The New Job on Site: The Pandemic Safety Officer

In this ever-changing working environment of managing new safety protocols because of COVID- 19, there are many more safety requirements that need to be taken into account than the normal worksite measures in the past.  Whereas the current job as a Construction Safety Officer is charged with maintaining overall jobsite safety requirements, there is now a new safety professional that construction sites are required to designate or hire: The Pandemic Safety Officer.   

As noted on the PA government website the identification of a Pandemic Safety Officer is required.  For the construction industry specifically, each project or work site must have a Pandemic Safety Officer.  Or, for large-scale site construction projects, this person is needed for each contractor at the site.  

The Pandemic Safety Officer is an individual hired/designated by your organization to provide and maintain current information about how the employer is complying with all relevant CDC and state guidelines as it relates to protecting your workforce from COVID-19. This individual is tasked with being up-to-date and familiar with all relevant CDC orders and state/local guidelines.  He/she must be able to provide workers on site with accurate, reliable guidance around personal and workplace COVID-19 safety measures. It is the Pandemic Safety Officer’s duty to communicate, implement, and enforce mask wearing and social distancing guidelines, and other COVID-19 related requirements for the protection of employees, suppliers and other personnel at the site.   

Specific responsibilities of a Pandemic Safety Officer might include:  

  • Providing Masks  
  • Providing disinfecting supplies to employees and visitors 
  • Maintenance of worksite cleanliness especially in high traffic areas 
  • Preventing and monitoring worksite gatherings  
  • Establishing a workplace plan for employees onsite 
  • Establishing a workplace plan for responding to infected employees 

Overall, a Pandemic Safety Officer should be knowledgeable of the recommended CDC guidance as he/she is responsible for advising employees, maintaining a safe work environment, and communicating these requirements effectively to all workers on site.  

Your business may have already taken steps to hire or designate a particular person to assume the responsibilities of the Pandemic Safety Officer.  However, we realize that some businesses are not staffed or equipped to handle these additional responsibilities during this pandemic.   

Compliance Consultants, Inc. can provide resources and staffing as a third-party provider to help you meet these staffing mandates.  We will work in partnership with your team to help you develop a safety plan, create communication methods for employees, and maintain a safe and clean work environment.  

For more information on the role of a Pandemic Safety Officer and how to augment your staff to get started meeting this requirement, Compliance Consultants, Inc can help.  

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