Take Safety Home: Button Batteries and Children

Button batteries can be found in several of our household products and many children’s toys and games. Do we realize the dangers our children are being exposed to? These tiny batteries are just the sort of thing a curious child might swallow. They can become lodged in a child’s throat or intestine and can release hydroxide which can cause chemical burns or even death. Most times, parents aren’t even aware that their child has swallowed a battery because symptoms may start out with a mild fever and upset stomach which many physicians relate to common childhood illnesses.

Recently, the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation has introduced a bill that would make it harder for children to access button cell batteries, significantly reducing the risk of ingestion. Under the proposed Button Cell Battery Safety Act of 2011, the Consumer Product Safety Commission would create two sets of standards for producing button cell batteries. The first standard would secure button cell battery compartments to prevent access by children. The second would mandate that warning labels be placed on battery packaging, in any literature that is included with the product, and where feasible, on the product itself. Let’s be a step ahead when it comes to our kids’ safety!

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