A comprehensive workplace Health and Safety Program is critical to protecting your employees and your business.

While there are plenty of Health and Safety Program templates, a one-size-fits-all approach can still leave your business at risk. These plans won’t factor in the specific details of your operations, making them more difficult to implement. Plus, they may not reflect the latest regulations. 

There’s a better way. 

Three steps to a customized workplace Health and Safety Program 

We pride ourselves on creating Health and Safety Programs that protect your business from every angle. CCI helps you anticipate hazards and mitigate them before they can cause an accident or injury.

1 | Assessment

CCI will conduct a comprehensive Health and Safety Survey at your facility and/or job sites to understand your operations and review work hazards. We’ll observe processes, review incident records, and meet with managers onsite.

2 | Development

Based on the assessment, we will develop a comprehensive set of policies and procedures. Your plan will reflect our knowledge of ever-changing regulatory requirements as well as recommendations and feedback from your management team.

3 | Implementation

CCI will outline steps to apply the new safety policies and procedures into daily work activities. We’ll ensure the program becomes a vital resource to reduce potential incidents. We also offer a Safety Program Orientation Training for your employees.

CCI also specializes in the following OSHA-mandated safety programs:

Why invest in a Health and Safety program for your workplace?

Win More Bids

A robust program shows your commitment to safety, setting you apart from competitors.

Avoid OSHA Citations

An up-to-date program keeps the risk of OSHA citations low.

Lower Costs

With a Health & Safety Plan in place, your business is eligible for discounted insurance premiums.

Increased Productivity

With fewer injuries, morale stays high, and employees are on track.

Fewer Delays

Greater productivity means fewer delays on your projects, making clients happier and reducing overhead.

Get Prequalified

Your business can bid on more opportunities by meeting Health & Safety requirements.