Whether you need to train new hires on safety protocols, meet annual refresher training requirements, or bring all your employees up-to-date on OSHA safety standards, we offer flexible, virtual, and on-demand video training to provide your employees with the right training message. 

With a library of over 300 OSHA-compliant safety training videos, we can offer engaging, up-to-date, high-quality streaming videos on demand, no slide shows or still images. And, for total flexibility and convenience, your employees can access these videos 24/7 on a variety of devices, and in multiple languages.  Where applicable, these programs even come with a leader’s guide, tests, answer keys, certificates, attendance logs, and more.

Video On-Demand Training offers a great opportunity to educate your workforce and meet OSHA’s training requirements with greater convenience for you and your employees.  Program and pricing packages are flexible. 

Contact Compliance Consultants, Inc. now and get started.  You will find this new service of great value and convenience . . . and so will your employees.