Are you wondering what OSHA might find at your workplace or one of your job sites? Don’t deal with the aftermath of an incident. Make sure it doesn’t happen in the first place!  

Regular workplace safety inspections are the most effective means of identifying and correcting hazardous conditions at the workplace and protecting your employees and business.

What to Expect

The Compliance Consultants, Inc. (CCI) inspector will check in with your site manager prior to starting. The site manager is welcome to walk the site with the inspector and ask questions throughout the process. We equip every safety professional with a tablet and our exclusive software to carefully document the inspection. We will assist your site manager in immediately correcting unsafe actions or conditions. Before leaving, the CCI inspector will review any identified hazards and discuss the required corrective actions. 

After the Inspection

The CCI inspector will provide a comprehensive report to management that includes photographs of hazards observed, references to regulations, and the corrective actions taken.

Frequency and Type of Inspections

We can design inspection frequency to meet your needs and stay within your budget. For construction sites, we recommend daily, weekly, or biweekly site safety inspections due to the changing nature of the work. For those in general industry, inspections should be completed monthly or quarterly. 

We can schedule inspections in advance or complete them randomly depending on your needs. The CCI inspector will ensure we are onsite when more hazardous work activities occur.

 Benefits of Regular Safety Inspections

Hazard Identification

Identify and correct hazards before they become incidents

OSHA Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements


Identify potential gaps in your policies

Stay on Budget

Avoid costly citations

Improve Employee Morale and Productivity

Give your employees confidence in their safety

Get the Warning Line System Checklist

It is extremely important for contractors to understand the OSHA regulations surrounding fall protection. One of the most commonly misunderstood issues is the use of warning line systems. This checklist tells you exactly what you need to know to protect your employees and avoid costly OSHA citations.

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