We understand the time and the costs involved with keeping your employees trained. Together, we’ll develop a customized workplace safety training program that keeps your employees safe and your business running efficiently. 

A successful program begins with identifying the unique hazards of your workplace as well as the basic requirements of federal and local regulations. Once we understand exactly what you need, we can outline an appropriate, efficient training schedule.

CCI provides a wide range of workplace safety training services designed to meet the demanding requirements of the industrial and construction workplaces.Topics range from basic awareness courses to competent person and OSHA required trainings. CCI experts continually refine our training to ensure that the content is understood by all participants, regardless of educational background or position within your organization.

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Onsite Safety Training

Online Safety Training

Keep safety relevant at your workplace! 

Toolbox talks are an excellent way to incorporate safety in the workplace throughout the year. Toolbox talks are short, weekly safety meetings that keep your employees thinking about safety regularly. Download a sample about scaffolding from our manual that contains 52 talks designed to stimulate safety discussions.

Download a Toolbox Talk on Scaffolds

Download Scaffolds Basic Requirements