Poor indoor air quality, moisture intrusion, and chemicals present in the air of buildings and homes can lead to a number of health-related issues or exacerbate existing ones. 

CCI provides comprehensive assessment and testing for a variety of possible pollutants in buildings or homes. One common source of poor indoor air quality is mold. CCI can make sure your environment is safe and healthy from a current mold situation and help you avoid the risks of mold in the future.  We’ll conduct the investigation and provide a comprehensive report.

  • Air Quality Investigation and Testing
  • Mold Inspection and Microbiological Testing Services
  • Remediation Management and Oversight Services
  • Post-Remediation Investigation and Testing
  • Insurance Carrier Liaison

CCI can monitor work during all phases of remediation, including engineering controls, proper containment protocol(s), personal protective equipment (PPE), waste packaging and disposal, and other general oversight.