30 Years Later and an Exciting New Beginning

Compliance Consultants, Inc. is turning 30!! In February of 1987, Mike Cunningham, Sr. founded the company that you have come to know and love. In that 30 years there have been huge strides in the safety industry and CCI has become a game changer in the tri-state area. We have worked on some of the biggest construction projects in the area and by doing so, have been able to become a trusted service provider for our customers.

As all things progress there comes a time when all good companies need to make adjustments to anticipate additional growth and remain agile for the future. After 30 years in business, CCI is making changes in our ownership and executive management by recognizing the individuals who have been instrumental to our success.

At the executive level Mike Sr’s daughter, Terri Collins, will assume the position of President and CEO of Compliance Consultants, Inc and will become a major shareholder. Terri graduated from Syracuse University and has been with the company for 8 years in a significant management role. She is vital in all the inner workings of CCI. Our Accountant, financial manager and head of HR, Mike’s wife, Theresa Cunningham, a graduate of Neumann University, will also take on added ownership in the company with a new title of CFO.

Mike will retain an ownership position in the company and is now the Vice President/COO of Compliance Consultants, Inc. He will still have the primary responsibility for managing and delivering regulatory consulting and technical services that are the core of our business offerings to our customers. He looks forward to continuing to offer our customers his expertise and knowledge gained over his 40+ years of experience.

Mike’s grandson, Scott Boroi, is currently a field safety consultant within the company and is earning his Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety & Health. Scott will continue to assist Mike with the delivery of high quality technical services and will assume additional responsibilities in the future plans of the company.

These changes reflect the current responsibilities of our staff, positions the company for future growth and establishes us as a Small, Woman-Owned Business. This allows CCI to better serve our customers that need a Woman-Owned Business as part of large company and government agency supplier diversity programs. Third party certifications for these classifications are in process.

We hope these changes bring a great deal of relief to you as our customer knowing that our years together will continue and a plan of action is in place to make sure that our relationship continues as strong as it is today. There will be no services lost and the same great customer service you have come to expect will continue under the new structure.

We thank you for our many years together and allowing us to serve you doing what we love day in and day out. We will never let you down. If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of us.