CCI Celebrates 25 Years!

Compliance Consultants, Inc. (CCI) is celebrating its 25th anniversary!

CCI was founded by Michael J. Cunningham, Sr. in 1987. CCI started with the belief that every working man and woman has the right to come home safe after a day of work. Based on this belief, CCI has created a wide array of health, safety and environmental consulting services that will help keep your employees out of harm’s way and keep your company compliant with regulations. The goal of CCI is to ensure that our clients stay in good standing with all local, state and federal government regulations involving workplace safety, hygiene and environmental concerns.

Our success over the past 25 years has grown steadily due to the loyalty of our clients who helped get us here. They have allowed us the opportunity to implement and properly maintain various safety programs and services and provide proper training when needed to keep their workplace safe and free from injuries. These relationships have been built on quality, integrity and trust. It is with great enthusiasm that we continue assisting facilities throughout the tri-state area in an effort to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all!

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