A Simple Path to Workplace Safety through Inspections

The Best Path to Safety is to Have a Plan

There are many aspects to developing and maintaining workplace safety.  One of the most important and ongoing steps in keeping your workplace safe and free of hazards is to conduct regular Safety & Health Inspections.  Safety and Health Inspections allow you to be proactive, rather than reactive. They are a cost-effective way to help you identify and eliminate situations that put your employees in danger, thereby preventing work-related catastrophes and fatalities. They also allow you to identify deficiencies when it comes to your regulatory responsibilities.

Inspections should be performed by someone who is specially trained in health and safety. These safety professionals have the experience and expertise to recognize existing and potential threats to your employees that may exist throughout your workplace. This person may be someone on staff that has the experience and knowledge to identify hazards and regulatory requirements, or it may be a third-party specialist that you bring in to assist with the inspection process and to provide an objective perspective.

Identify Hazards and Maintain Reports

The scope of the inspection will depend on the size and nature of your business. They are generally looking to identify immediate hazards and ensure compliance with OSHA regulations. Inspectors will walk the entire workplace observing the environment and the activities taking place and may even speak with employees to understand the nature of their job responsibilities and potential hazards they may be exposed to.

A written inspection report provides a record of the observations and recommended corrective actions. This documentation is critical when it comes to a potential OSHA inspection or to provide to insurance brokers. The written report is a tool that can be used to keep you on track with workplace circumstances that need immediate attention.  Completed written inspection reports can also be referred back to, to see if previous unsafe conditions were addressed.

Inspection reports should list a recommended corrective action that should take place in a timely manner. Remember, the best defense against loss and injury is a thorough understanding of all the risks and potential hazards within your company and the actions you take to correct them.

Don’t Hesitate – Implement Regular Safety Inspections Now!

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