CCI Uses Drone Imaging for Safety Services–Inspecting, Progress Reporting, and Marketing

Would you like to learn how you can use our drone technology to alleviate the several trillion dollars of cost overruns the construction industry racks up annually, due to being insufficiently digitized?

McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, reports that construction, which generates a net worth of $8 trillion a year, is the second largest industry in the world … but also the third least digitized commercial sector.1 McKinsey estimates that because of this trend, the industry incurs a whopping annual loss of $3 trillion dollars per year, making it one that is also incredibly inefficient.2 The preceding Harvard Business Review article identifies scheduling delays, design changes, and less than ideal construction management as contributing factors. Thankfully, these problems are ones that can be counteracted by embracing a more digitized future.

Compliance Consultants is now providing the drone imaging services that can help you take one more step towards that future.

The data and imagery that a piloted unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) provides can drastically improve your safety, operations, and communication. In addition, it can also help to extend your marketing capabilities!


Construction projects benefit when multiple stakeholders are effectively coordinating their communication during many phases of the project. Aerial drone imagery contains particularly useful information which can be easily shared and applied to promotional efforts as well. Furthermore, this imagery can be reliably obtained by depending on third-party expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full camera crew shooting from a plane or helicopter.

We hope you will join us on this exciting, new journey and begin to take advantage of some of the services that we offer:

Safety Inspecting

A piloted drone can more safely and efficiently inspect areas that a personal walkthrough cannot. The data it gathers can then be analyzed to anticipate and resolve health & safety threats, such as hazardous conditions or structures. In addition, other potential site problems, such as worker access or drainage issues, can also be identified using a drone. As a result, this technology will help mitigate the overruns associated with safety and supervisory oversights and resulting delays and reworks.

Progress Reporting for Cross-Functional Collaboration

Drone imagery is automatically equipped with timestamps and geotags, which will assist you in performing a faster analysis and filing of collected data. Additionally, it is easy to duplicate progress photos from their original location, altitude, or angle, as work progresses. These capabilities will improve your project intelligence and therefore better enable you to perform jobsite monitoring, communicate about observed issues, and resolve them faster and more effectively with your team. These capabilities can also help you generate ongoing high-quality reports for your clients.

Cost-Effective, Beautiful Marketing Imagery

Adding high-resolution aerial photography or videography into your marketing initiatives will not only impress prospective clients seeking you out on your website, social media platforms, or marketing collateral, but will also delight current stakeholders who wish to have their projects showcased in their best light. In addition, we can provide time-lapse photos and videos to aid these promotional efforts.

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