Mobile Equipment: Refueling, Maintenance & Storage

Recently, there has been an increasing trend in the number of mobile equipment safety violations. Here are some tips on proper refueling, maintenance & storage of mobile equipment:


  • Shut off and cool the engine prior to fueling.
  • Ensure the fueling area is well ventilated.
  • Do not smoke while refueling. Keep open flames and sparks away from the area. Discharge any static electricity prior to refueling. Know where fire extinguishers are located.
  • Ground the funnel or fuel nozzle against the filler neck.
  • Never use gasoline or diesel fuel for cleaning purposes.


  • Maintain cleanliness. Keep the cab free of trash and debris. Make sure windows, mirrors and lights are kept clean. All walking surfaces, ladder rungs, stairs, and handholds should be kept free of mud, oil, snow and ice. Remove or secure loose materials and tools.
  • Only designated maintenance personnel should perform maintenance on mobile equipment.
  • Follow the manufacturers’ instructions for preventative maintenance.
  • Always lock out and tag out equipment prior to servicing.


  • Park the equipment in a safe, level location. Do not park in mud.
  • Put the vehicle in park and set the brake.
  • Lower all hydraulic equipment such as buckets, loaders, etc.
  • Let the engine cool by idling for a few minutes.
  • Turn the engine off and remove the keys.
  • Dismount using the three-point contact rule.
  • Chock the wheels.

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