Our 5-Step Proven Process Keeps Your Business on Track

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

At the end of the day, what matters most is being able to return home safely!

This has been Compliance Consultants Inc.’s philosophy and goal for our clients since we opened our doors in 1987. We are devoted to providing exceptional service that meets your goals and upholds our standards.  We approach every project with expertise, integrity, and commitment.

As a part of this commitment, we have developed a Five-Step Process to ensure that together we will succeed in meeting your safety goals.  At CCI, we take pride in our work and in building strong relationships with our clients. That’s how we’ve achieved high client satisfaction and retention.

We see ourselves as part of your team!

Our Five-Step Process is All About YOU!

Compliance Consultants, Inc. will

Listen, Identify, Implement, Educate and Support

Step One- LISTEN

At Compliance Consultants, Inc. (CCI) we believe the most important first step in working together is to listen.  We listen to the safety goals for your organization and your specific needs.

We know that no two clients are the same.  Each client has specific challenges and requirements. Each client has unique circumstances.  So, we listen in order to fully understand your situation and how best Compliance Consultants, Inc. can help.  Our goal is to help you put together the best safety plan for your organization.

When partnering with CCI, you can expect experienced professionals to sit down with you, learn about the ways you do business and the obstacles you face, and find cost-effective solutions to incorporate safety into all aspects of your organization.


After we listen to your needs, we then work to identify what protocols and plans will best meet those needs.  We conduct a thorough assessment of your situation and look for areas of concern or improvement. We’ll identify what OSHA regulatory requirements are being met and those that need to be improved upon to ensure compliance. We identify where safety measures are working and what subsequent processes and plans need to be implemented to maintain a safe, healthy, and compliant working environment for your business and your people.  

Step Three – IMPLEMENT

Once we have identified your safety needs, we then develop a plan and assist with implementation of that plan. Our highly trained consultants will partner with your managers and staff to help implement our recommendations. We’ll provide the policies, forms, and other resources to maintain required OSHA safety protocols.

We help our clients manage their unique safety and environmental needs in a way that other larger safety consulting companies cannot. We’ll help you create a safety culture that goes beyond merely meeting OSHA or EPA requirements. 

And we don’t just stop there.  We work hard to make sure your plans are communicated, and your safety efforts are supported.  

Step Four- EDUCATE

We believe that an informed, trained and educated workforce is a huge asset when it comes to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.  After implementing your plan, we will conduct an Orientation Training in conjunction with your management to present the changes and ongoing requirements that will be put into place.

We’ll also provide additional courses that may be needed according to OSHA training requirements as identified in Step 2 above. Our training services range from basic awareness courses to competent person and OSHA-certified training. We will work closely with you on an ongoing basis to provide the training you need, and we offer a number of training methods, such as on-location or virtual, to provide you with the flexibility you need.

Step Five – SUPPORT

Building a safety culture is not a process that takes place overnight. Our knowledgeable and passionate staff consists of highly-trained and degreed safety professionals who have the deep industry knowledge to provide you with exceptional guidance in all facets of safety and risk management.

CCI will provide you with ongoing support. So when a supervisor has a question about a regulatory requirement or OSHA shows up to conduct an investigation at your workplace, we will be there to provide you and your staff with the professional guidance you require.

With ever-changing regulatory requirements, our consultants continue to advance their expertise through extensive professional development so they can provide you with the most current safety information available. Our professionals in the field are supported by our senior management team to provide insight and knowledge to any project.  

We are here to support you every step of the way!

Safety is a Cycle

There’s a reason we designed this graphic as a circle. As your business grows and you meet your safety objectives, your needs will change and new goals will emerge. Compliance Consultants, Inc. will begin the process over again by listening to your new needs, thus continually improving upon your safety culture.

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