13 Dec

Temporary Heater Safety Tips

Construction projects don’t stop because the temperature gets cold. It’s crucial to keep a project moving and temporary heaters can be an asset for staying […]

29 Nov

OSHA Required Annual Refresher Training

Compliance Consultants, Inc. administers the following OSHA Required Annual Refresher Trainings for employers who fall under any of these following categories.  Employers must provide their […]

25 Oct

Jobsite Noise Hazards and Hearing Loss

Regular Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) may not be the first construction hazard that comes to mind, but a construction site can pose many dangers which can lead to hearing loss, no matter what precautions […]

28 Jul

Industrial Hygiene- Mold Contamination

This summer’s wet weather conditions, combined with high humidity and recent flash flooding in the Northeast region have raised health and safety concerns with those who own and/or occupy both commercial and residential properties affected by water intrusion.

21 Apr

Take Time Out for a Safety Stand-Down

Encourage Worksite Safety, Support National Safety Standown Week The National Safety Stand-Down Week is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about fall protection. Employers […]